Sunday, August 14, 2011


When we bought the land, all corner post had been laid (very well constructed using metal pipe from the pipe graveyard on my land I presume), and half the barbed wire had been ran. I went to the store to price t-post and wire only to find the previous owner had used the most expensive t-post made. Being my anal-retentive self and knowing what would transpire from my wife when she discovered the t-post didn't match, I decided to bite the big one and keep the property matching all the way around. The barbed wire was a pleasant surprise, it was relatively affordable, $80.00 for a quarter mile. A quarter mile! I thought, wow all I have is four acres, I could fence my whole property with a roll. Somewhere in my very mathematical brain, mile and feet did not register and I quickly found out how long a quarter mile was. Precisely three times down one side of the property with a little left to get tangled in everything around me, was how long it lasted. The previous owner, for what ever reason, decided he needed to run 8 strands of 4 point wire. The corner post were welded for an eight strand application, and being my anal-retentive self and knowing what would transpire from my wife when she discovered 1/2 the fence had five strands and the other 1/2 had eight, I decided to bite the big one and buy more wire, a lot more wire.

The Texas weather this summer has been unbearable. Record breaking heat day after day, after day, no rain, and more heat. I have still manged to fence some in the evenings after I get off from work. I have also discovered the peace and serenity of being alone out on the farm with nothing to do but work and dream. The perimeter fencing is almost done; this will get us by until Tiny Home is built and we are able to work the land. Every one keeps asking me how bad I hate fencing. I simply answer, I love it.

Farming lesson learned #1- 1/4 of a mile of barbed wire is 1320 ft or three trips down one side of the pasture. 1/4 mile sounds really long until you start fencing.

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