Saturday, August 20, 2011

Putting the cart before the horse.

In a perfect world everything would go into place on the farm in one week. The house, pool, Tiny Home, livestock, barn (fixed), grass, and plants would be placed on the property and we would be living large. I live in my own perfect world; great marriage, well-behaved and healthy children, good job, and my own health. We make decent money, but are far from rich which keeps our farm from happening in a week. Next to come, set priorities. Priorities, ugh, this is where patience comes into the mix. Patience, ugh, means we have to plan for what's next. Patience is the area where we (Shawna and I) lack in. Priorities is the area where we disagree. Planning is where we excel. These 3 P's is what going to make our "perfect farm".

The plan- through my thorough research skills and Shawna's excellent organizational skills, we have came up with what we believe is the perfect plan for our farm.

Priorities- I found out this where I am from Mars and Shawna is from Venus. No big deal, I will concede that my priorities were a bit out of whack. We will take it one step at a time staying on our plan.

Patience- We feed off of each other in this area. We have none. Maybe this comes from both of us having demanding jobs. I think the farm will be our teacher in patience.

It still doesn't keep me from wanting my livestock (cow, pigs, and chickens) NOW!

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